Abstracting & Indexing

The International Journal of South American Archaeology - IJSA (eISSN 2011-0626), (eISP 0840.2912.4861) used the resources of (AuthorAID) and their metadata are indexed by more than 30 databases and international academic aggregators:

The Internet Public Library, SciencePo, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), NewJour, Anthropology Review Database (ARD), Open Space Innovative Mind (OSIM), OAIster, ScienceOpen, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Elsevier SSRN, EBSCOHost, Anthropological Index Online, Index Copernicus, JournalSeek, Norsk Samfunnsvitenskapeling Datatjeneste (NSD), Indian Citation Index (ICI), Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI), Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ), WorldWideScience, Humanities and Social Sciences Online (H-Net), JISCMail UK, UCC - Library Journals, The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, Asociación de Revistas Académicas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales - Latinoamericana, Information Matrix for the Analisys of Journals (MIAR), Directorio Latinoamericano de Publicaciones en Acceso Abierto (DLPAA), CiteSeerX, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS).


eISSN 2011-0626, eISP 0840.2912.4861

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