Number 19 - Year 2023 (Continuos Publication Model)


On the Cover

Textile impression on the inner part of Incised Brown ceramic, Early Quimbaya culture (AD 380-770). Its diversity in weft and warp are traces of the use of different weaving techniques. Municipality of San Andrés de Cuerquia. Department of Antioquia, Colombia.

Photo by José Luis Pérez, 2019.

11 January 2023


Research Articles

Cultural Variables for the Study of Social Inequalities in the Late Herrera Society of the Cundiboyacense Altiplano, Colombia (Part Two).

Rodríguez, C.A.


21 July 2023

Obituary by Richard G. Cooke (1946-2023) In Memoriam.

Martín, J.G., Mendizábal, T.


18 April 2023

Obituary by Alberta Zucchi Motta (1938-2023) In Memoriam.

Meneses Pacheco L


18 April 2023

Estudios geoarqueológicos en el área de influencia de los volcanes del segmento volcánico norte de Colombia.

López Castaño, C.E., Méndez Fajury, R.A., Cano Echeverri, M.C.


15 March 2023

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